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Hello from the Spectrum National Party! Our name, "Spectrum," symbolizes the diverse population of South Africa, akin to the unity portrayed by the term "rainbow nation." We are representative of all south Africans who need. 

Our roots on the Cape Flats have grown into a national entity, fostering leadership from varied backgrounds in business, administration, academia, faith, youth, and women's participation. 

The genesis of the SNP.

The Party is the brainchild of the Party President, namely Christopher Claassen and several honest, dedicated and hardworking South Africans who have been yearning for years for a clean and effective government that cares for all South Africans irrespective of colour, race, sex, creed, or religion. SNP is registered as a Political Party by the Independent Electoral Commission. Our registration was attained towards the end of 2019.
The known fact is that the governing party (ANC) has lost its way, has neglected and ignored critical issues over many years that are central to the development of our people and the country. Look at the state of our State-Owned enterprises, our health sector, our transport system, the environment, the unacceptably high levels of extremely violent crime, the criminal justice system, agriculture, poor education, collapsed and dysfunctional municipalities, load-shedding, corruption and malfeasance, selective and low prosecution rate, the economy, etc. 
The economy is in the doldrums and will be such for some time to come. To resurrect it, it needs inspiring leadership that is prepared to make the calculated tough decisions. South Africa has lost a great deal of credibility on international platforms. Sadly, in education, for example, South Africa is ranked 49th out of 54 countries in Africa. Yes, in Africa. And we can go on and on, citing examples of gross failure, misdirection and incapacitation.
The reality is that we, the South African public have given the ruling party more than ample time to learn the ropes of proper governance, to take and implement corrective measures and to remedy the current situation that we find ourselves in. Truth is that very little has been done to make us proud.

Vision of SNP

SNP represents a new beginning for South Africa and is determined to make our beautiful country and all its people the central focus. 
We envision a safe, prosperous, progressive country where all its people live peacefully without fear of crime, marginalisation and exclusion and where opportunities are created and are open to all.
SNP is committed to clean, effective and forward-looking governance in both the private and government sectors. This is going to require a lot of hard work and we are ready to meet the challenge. We desperately need effective change for the betterment of all the people of our country.


Briefly, SNP believes and is committed to ensuring that public money is strictly controlled through an array of stringent built-in checks and balances to eliminate theft, corruption and fraud. Water-tight management systems will be developed and implemented throughout the governmental system and be overseen by qualified, experienced and dedicated South Africans. 
Strong management is crucial if we are to attain our intended objectives. We have seen and witnessed for many years how patronage, ineptitude and sheer lack of experience has shaken the foundations of our country. South Africa has an abundance of highly trained, honest and dedicated professionals and others who can take our beautiful country forward.
Restrictive factors such as mediocracy, ineptitude, favouritism, corruption, theft, fraud, poorly trained and unqualified personnel are unacceptable. Bold decisions will be taken to root out malpractices in every department of state, SOEs, municipalities and the private sector. We are of the firm belief that the government must set the example of clean and effective administration and governance. Various possibilities and scenarios are being explored in this regard.
If you really would like to see tangible and meaningful change, we invite you to take hands with us so that we can move forward as one, working tirelessly and unselfishly towards the achievement of our common objectives for the sake of all... There is no doubt that this will be a daunting task, but together, we can do it. Make no mistake, we understand the gravity and extent of issues in our country and so do you.

SNP Structures

The political structure of the SNP is designed to ensure maximum participation and representation of all race groups in South Africa from Branch Executive Councils (BECs) right through to the National Executive Council (NEC).
Further, SNP has given a voice to the marginalized by ensuring that they represent themselves and their interests in all our political structures. 
These groups include the handicapped, aged, youth, women, representatives of the mentally challenged. They are after all South Africans and they know best as to what their needs and aspirations are. 
The silent but visible practice where people are relegated to infinity because of the colour of their skin or for some other reason is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. SNP believes all people are equal and must be treated as first-class citizens.

We, therefore, call on all South Africans who love our country and who would like to see a tangible progressive change to join us and become part of a winning formula. Together we can do it.